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i'm jess, a 19 year old (micro)biology major from rhode island. i love world of warcraft, fall out boy, and the hunger games.
part time simmer, full time khaleesi.

currently on vacation

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I really love Canada. I’ve been staying in downtown Vancouver for a few weeks and I still have another week here. I don’t want to leave.

tomorrow night I’m leaving for the longest vacation I’ve ever taken. I’m spending 3 weeks in Vancouver with my boyfriend and I’m really excited. 

I’ve never flown internationally and it’s gonna be fun. he laughs whenever I call Canada an international flight because it’s so close to the US, but whateva

looks like a girl, but she’s a flame

speaking of statcounter, I just looked at it and riskywoohoo has gotten almost 100000 views in a little over a year… that’s incredible

the most views my blog has gotten in a day is over 1000

my personal blog has had statcounter for the same amount of time and only has 9000 views, and my ldr blog (which I made in late May) has about 1500 total.

pretty cool stuff. thank you guys for supporting this blog, even through my simless dry spells!

  Anonymous said:
just wanna let you know my antivirus is blocking something from your blog when I visit, it's probably a good idea to reset your theme and make sure you don't have anything icky sticking around in your html D:

I’ve never heard that before, but I’ll look into it. I’m pretty sure it’s not on my end as I’ve had this theme for months and it’s viewed a lot, and no one has ever said that.

it could be statcounter — if your antivirus doesn’t like the geolocating thing that it does. I assure you that it is harmless, though.

could you tell me what it said specifically? what kind of antivirus do you use? is it like a malware warning or something like that? or just a “this site could contain malicious” whatever?

I went to go check my tracked #riskywoohoo and there are like 6 people there saying that my post about tumblr recommending my simblr to myself was the post that recommended riskywoohoo to them and I haven’t laughed this hard in a long time 

thank you guys for tagging me in that because that is really awesome and I’m still laughing



I am laughing really hard at this thank you

I love tumblr

  Anonymous said:
risky i really miss you omg :( :(

aw man I’m sorry, my dear! I don’t think this blog will be high functioning again until TS4 comes out in a few months. I’m going on vacation for almost all of July, so maybe in August I’ll revisit TS3 for a while. we’ll see :)

if you need to contact me, I spend a lot of time on my other 2 blogs, acrossazeroth (love/anime-ish/long distance relationship blog) and mockingjess (my personal blog). I check this one a few times a week as well, though.


I was on my personal and tumblr recommended this quality blog to me