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i'm jess, a 20 year old microbiology major from rhode island. i love world of warcraft, fall out boy, and the hunger games.
part time simmer, full time khaleesi.

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is it just me or is simblr really dead today?


Dan forgot to give her the flowers at the beginning of the date… oops.

better late than never!

if anyone is really bored and wants to draw my adorable panda shaman (minus the dumb helmet she’s wearing, I’ll send other pictures of her without it) I’d be super happy. I need some art to go with my Blizzcon badge!

I’d be happy with anything. full body or whatever.

message me if you’re so inclined!!

amazing food and amazing service. they’re gonna give this place a thumbs up on yelp.

I promised myself that I wouldn’t buy anything before Blizzcon but I’ve been in this Ladies of Blizzcon group for over a year now and they’re selling shirts and they’re cheap. like, $15 for a custom shirt including shipping. fine, I’ll do it. 

it’s also going to have my shaman’s name/my guild/my realm on the back. I’m excited.

I don’t want to break my bank on the Blizzcon Store, but depending on what the keyart shirt looks like, I’ll probably buy one of those. if they have a cute stuffed animal I’ll probably buy one of those too — I got Chen last year and I have 0 regrets. 

last year I made a custom shirt featuring Ziara on CustomInk but they’re kind of expensive — I’ll probably wear the one I made last year even though it has the wrong server & Ziara is a Draenei, lol. I also have an Alliance bow and an Alliance headband, and now she’s Horde. I was thinking about getting a red panda ear headband to wear this year because she’s a panda now but I can’t find any with red fur :(

regardless I’m gonna look like a dumbass with my panda ears and my GUILDIES STILL HAVE TO HANG OUT WITH ME HAHAHA

"This place is nice, Dan… really nice. Wow."

"Date night doesn’t happen often, so I gotta do it right."

gettin all dolled up for date night (´ε` )♡

per their daily routine, Dan jumps out of bed to make Josie’s breakfast