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i'm jess, a 19 year old (micro)biology major from rhode island. i love world of warcraft, fall out boy, and the hunger games.
part time simmer, full time khaleesi.

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So at this point should I worry about going all through to get my gear or start when the xpac comes out to gear up? I’m still gonna work on running all the dungeons to finish them but just curious.

there are probably new guilds on your server recruiting for WoD, so you could look into it now and make friends! they might not raid until the expansion hits, but it’d be good to have a group ready before the content is available. but also, I’d try to get into at least a flex 4 group so you can get one of Garrosh’s bind-on-account heirloom items because they scale to level 100 and will be your best weapon going into the next expansion. ^_^

… who had invited innocent Eris (and her slightly suspicious roommate) to a new-school-year kegger 

  Anonymous said:
How do you get such great screenshots? What kind of editing do you do? Your screenshots are so beautiful!

hi there! thank you!!

I don’t do anything super special (especially for gameplay stuff), I just make sure the area is well lit! my computer should take the credit for the rest. I have my settings maxxed and as much as I complain about sims on my laptop, the graphics are prettttty good.

I don’t edit my pictures that much — I use photoshop actions I got from tumblr/dA a long time ago and make some of my own, but I don’t spend much time on it lol — unless it’s a story or a photoshoot. I usually plan photoshoots in advance (I was thinking about that LDR photoset for a few days planning it, which sounds so lame now that I type it). 

Eris aged up and went off to uni after that

things also got better between these two, too :)

so I had to buy a new charger (whatevs) BUT I also decided to replace my headset while I was there

and I bought the exact same headset that I have right now because I love it (and it’s my fault that it broke, RIP) but the girl was like “yo, want a 2 year warranty?” so I was like SURE BRO

but then I thought about it and realized I bought mine within 2 years but I didn’t know if I had bought a 1 or 2 year warranty, so I called them and they said my warranty is still valid for a few more months… and I’ve been gritting my teeth using this broken headset for like 2 weeks now because I didn’t want to buy a new one. yaaaaaas

*high fives early 2013 self*

they also adopted a puppy sometime after Demeter’s birthday :3