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i'm jess, a 19 year old (micro)biology major from rhode island. i love world of warcraft, fall out boy, and the hunger games.
part time simmer, full time khaleesi.

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  Anonymous said:
Stopping by to tell you I love your sims, but I want to know more! List 5 facts about your most favorite sim of yours, and send this to 10 simblrs whose sims you adore. ♥

ooohh yay! :D


Lady Dobbs will probably always be my favorite sim. I made Jocelyn for a photoshoot, but ended up using her to test out various expansions.

  • Jocelyn started out as an art major, but made the switch to sciences
  • she doesn’t have that much of a dating history, as her only real fling happened during her first years of university. after that, nothing really happened in that department for her.
  • Jocelyn roomed with Samara Brink in college, but they weren’t really that close. I don’t think they did anything together.
  • Jocey is such a happy, vibrant sim… but at the same time, is kind of socially awkward. she doesn’t have many friends outside of Samara, Brielle and Tevin.
  • I think that she’d say that the coolest thing she’s ever done was go to the future and met her descendants



(that’s the Brinks house in Aurora Skies, now that I think about it. everything comes full circle here at riskywoohoo)

while I was at class my family went out for dinner because there wasn’t anything ready for dinner here and they didn’t bring me home anything

what jerks

my niece just threw a hissy fit because I told her not to eat the hard boiled eggs that I made over a week ago (and forgot about) because they’re bad by now

she’s 11

new phone, new phone, new phoneeee

Ahh! That happened to me. It was embarrassing when they’d come over and tell me I’m doing it wrong.

right? the last time someone approached me while I was squatting and he’s just standing there shaking his head at me

he was really nice and fixed whatever problem I had, but I wanted to die of embarrassment standing there!

I want to start lifting but since I go to the gym alone I always feel weird walking over towards the buff gym bros that know what they’re doing and stare at you the whole time because I’m pretty new to lifting in general

I belong to 2 gyms now and the one closer to my house (aka the one I go to because I’m too lazy to drive farther than that) is a planet fitness and it’s always busy and I can never get over to the racks anyway. I like using the ymca gym more

though I casually just did 45 minutes of straight cardio (and maybe 10 mins of strength training messing around with a machine, doin dat chest press at like 45 lbs) and now I want to take a 5 year nap

bringmevictory said: Pretty sure it’s a Skysims hair. You can tell by how crinkly and greasy the mesh looks. :>

right? I had to spot heal the screenshots pretty heavily but it is still pretty obvious D:

however it’s a nice hair for what I needed it for

(also, thank you guys for replying because I have like 0 memory of where I download things once they’re in my mods folder)

hello jess! where can i download Ariel's hair? :)

oh boy I have no idea I made Ariel in 2012 :s

can anyone locate this hair for me?